Thursday, July 30, 2015

Baby Robert James

Everyone, meet Robert James! This is Emmie's baby brother. He goes by R.J.
I had the privilege of photographing him. He was a little grumpy when I got there,
but after his mommy fed him he was awake, happy and ready to say hello to the world. 
Emmie is already a helpful big sister. She is delighted in her new role. 
R.J. patiently worked with me as I moved, jostled, adjusted and positioned him. 
By the end of the shoot he was an exhausted little fellow! 
Thanks Emmie and R.J. for being such a fun pair to take photos of!

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Emmie Turns Two

It's really about time I posted some photos! Here is my cousin Emmie. Aunt Jaime and I went to the park with her to get some pictures, because her birthday was coming up. She turned two! We had fun with these huge balloons. It was an overcast day with times of sunshine. The humidity was high and Emmie hair was bouncy and she was bursting with smiles.

Remember this chair? Emmie sure has grown!
These pinwheels were made for Aunt Jaime's baby shower before Emmie was born.

Monday, December 16, 2013

The A. family and their new arrival

It was a cold day. The sun was out and the wind wasn't too brutal. The A family got on their coats and we scurried outside. The girls warmed the cold day up with their genuine smiles and giggles. They took their coats off and grinned their biggest. After we got the family shot we headed indoors for a few more photos indoors.
These two boys have three big sisters to look out for them and keep them in check. It's fun to watch them interact together. Lily (in green) has the most precious expression as she carefully holds her baby brother.

Saturday, November 23, 2013

Little Red Riding Hood

My Aunt and Mom like to take a weekly walk at the park. My Aunt Jaime had made a darling cape for her little girl. She wanted some photos of her in it, so we decided to take them on our walk. We found the perfect spots to convey the story of little red riding hood. Emmie played the part just right. She was more well behaved than usual and posed like a pro! I am quite pleased with the results. You can see on my aunt's blog how to make your own cape here.